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Marketing Variables Central to Strategy-Implementation

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Although there are many marketing variables that impact the success or failure of strategy-implementation efforts, two variables are central to the process. What are these variables? Discuss why they are so important.

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We very well know that Strategy Implementation is a complex process in any Organization, requiring careful efforts. Although, there are many marketing variables that decide the success or failure of the strategy implementation efforts, we will here, discuss the two main variables and their importance.

We begin with the meaning of "Strategy Implementation". It may be understood as the successful application of the strategic plans by their proper communication, deduction and acceptance by the organizational elements for increasing the overall effectiveness. It requires much effort and is considered an art because the implementation process requires change. Change management is difficult and important, but should be given due importance (David, 2007). The success rates have been low in strategy implementation, which may be ...

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The response analyses various marketing factors to find the most important in 512 words with 4 references.

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I have a project with the topic of marketing variables and their impact on the strategy-implementation efforts. I'm looking for 200-300 words about the two variables that are central to the process and why they are so important. I appreciate the head start.

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