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    High Growth Industries

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    I need help analyzing a case (attached) with strategic plan recommendations...

    Write reasonable Strategic Plan (only) including recommendations & timeline with implementation and budgeting of the case!

    2-3 pages w/2-3 references...

    The Case is attached...!

    Thank you.

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    In accordance with BrainMass standards this is not a hand in ready strategic plan but is only background help.

    Step 1
    Strategic Plan for High Growth Industries (a):
    Analysis of the current situation:
    High Growth Industries has the strength of an excellent reputation for daycare service. It also has experience in running daycare centers for more than 30 years. Further, HGI has entered into a contract which will enable it to provide daycare service for all central and northern California state agencies. The weaknesses of High Growth Industries are that it has an informal system of management; the documents about the company are not available, and there are two unions of which at least one is militant. The unions can increase the fixed costs of HGI. Even though human resources are most critical for providing services, the human resource management has been haphazard and chaotic in the past. The current opportunities are that HGI can expand its services as it has been designated the sole provider of daycare services for all central & northern California state agencies. It also intends to expand its services substantially. The threats are High Growth Industries will face strong unions, both teacher's union and specialist aides union. Further, there will be strong competition from large daycare companies. These include ...

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