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Outsourcing: Cultural and Economic Impacts

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Over the past 20 years, outsourcing has had a tremendous impact on the U.S. economy because formerly "secure" jobs have moved overseas. Outsourcing strategies also call into question the value of education and hard work in achieving success because jobs requiring education and skill are being shifted overseas where workers with the same qualifications cost less to employers.

Tasks :
Is manufacturing work?and union wages?an essential part of the U.S. culture? Is the loss of jobs for white-collar workers in high growth industries the real upsetting factor about outsourcing?

3 sentences for each is needed.

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1. Is manufacturing work?and union wages?an essential part of the U.S. culture.

Yes, at least for now, but both have been challenged recently. For example, the International Herald Tribune reports that U.S. Steel, Alcoa, Goodyear and other manufacturing companies have formed an unusual alliance with the United Steelworkers labor union, aiming to preserve and promote manufacturing in the United States. They argue that manufacturing is important to the economic viability of United States, and without government interventions, ...

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This solution explains whether or not manufacturing work?and union wages?is an essential part of the U.S. culture. It also explores if the loss of jobs for white-collar workers in high growth industries is the real upsetting factor about outsourcing. Supplemented with two articles, one about the Steel Union and the other about the outsourcing White Collar jobs debate.

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