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    The growth of American capitalism in Asia

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    The growth of capitalism in developing countries and American business expansion opportunities.
    - Research a developing country (Growth statistics, cultural, legal, regulatory, etc. changes to stimulate economic growth)
    - Examples of American businesses in the country and their growth prospects.
    - Opinion statement

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    Philippines is one of Asia's countries that has shown a lot of economic promise. But various problems had plagued this country in past, which hindered its economic growth. Government regulations and strong administration have put Philippines in a position from where they can think of growing economically. Philippines economic statistics presented here are indicative of that fact.

    Philippines GDP

    As per 2007 estimates, total gross domestic product of Philippines was worth about $298.9 billion. This figure was estimated on basis of purchasing power parity. In comparison to previous year GDP figure of $449.6 billion, the country's 2007 estimates indicate a sharp decline in gross domestic product of Philippines. GDP per capita (PPP) for 2008 was estimated to be around $3,300.

    Philippines exports

    As per 2007 estimates, Philippines total exports amounted to around $48.38 billion. This was an improvement of 2.5 percent over previous year estimates of Philippine exports. In 2007, Philippine exports had increased 14.42 percent over 2006 figures to amount to more than $47 billion. In 2006, United States accounted for about 18.3 percent of Philippines' exports, Japan accounted for about 16.5 percent, Netherlands- 10.1 percent and China nearly 10 percent.

    Philippines imports

    As per 2007 estimates, total Philippines imports amounted to around $53 billion. This was a 4.57 ...

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    This solution looks at the the growth of capitalism in developing countries and American business expansion opportunities in the Philippines. It includes a list of existing foreign-owned businesses operating in that Asian country.