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Marketing: Three Primary Performance Dimensions

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Identify and describe the three primary performance dimensions that are important to business unit managers and then compare low-cost defenders with prospectors in terms of these primary performance dimensions.

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The five major dimensions can be described as follows:
1 Financial Dimensions: represent the traditional approach to organizational success. In essence, it
would involve Dimensions such as sales, profits, or return on investment.
2 Customer/Market Dimensions: represent the relationship between an organization and its customers.
Customer-centric companies are adept at understanding customer needs and wants,
building products that meet these needs, and keeping them satisfied, resulting in high retention
3 Process Dimensions: reflect the organizational efficiency and improvement view. Many of the
influential business themes in the past decade have focused on process improvement-TQM,
learning SBUs, and team-based efforts.
4 People Development Dimensions: recognize the critical role of stakeholders in organizational success. The level of employee skills, commitment to technological leadership, personnel development,
staff slack resources are indicative of the essential role of employees in organizational success.
5 Preparing for the Future Dimensions: are clearly expressions of foresight. This dimension must be
viewed as a critical organizational issue and includes Dimensions such ...

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