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    Classification of industries

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    Listed below are three industries. Classify each as (a) emerging, (b) rapid growth, (c)mature/slow-growth, (d) stagnant/declining, (e) high-velocity/turbulent, and (f) fragmented

    Camera film and film development industry:
    Wine, Beer, and retailing
    Watch industry

    Which classification fits the industries above? If you can, please support the classification with FACTUAL data from a recent article(s) and link the article so I have an understanding of each industry and its movement

    about 250 words

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    (d. Camera film and film development industry)
    Polaroid faced an uncertain future in the mid 90's. In general, sales were stagnant with only $2.15B. Demand for Polaroid's instant film was severely declining, due to rapid growth of one-hour photo shops for conventional film. ...

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