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    Classifying Industries

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    I have to do 150 to 200 words each. Hoping to get 2 - 3 sentences each and only 200 - 250 words total. Thanks!

    Listed below are 10 industries. Classify each one as (a) emerging, (b) rapid-growth, (c) mature/slow-growth, (d) stagnant/declining, (e) high-velocity/turbulent, or (f) fragmented. Do research on the Internet, if needed, to locate information on industry conditions and reach a conclusion on what classification to assign each of the following. Defend your conclusion by giving reasons for your answer.

    Health care industry
    Dry cleaning industry
    Energy drinks, sports drinks and vitamin-enhanced beverage industry
    Camera film and film-developing industry
    Wine, beer, and liquor retailing
    U.S domestic airline industry
    Retail banking industry
    Retail bookstore industry
    Computer video games industry
    Newspaper industry

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    Health care industry - (b) - This is a fast growing industry in America that require the following specialists: physical, occupational and speech therapists. This is a much more stable industry that will always require doctors and general health practitioners. The healthcare industry is growing at a very fast rate and it is predicted that it will create over 5 million jobs by the end of 2020.
    Dry cleaning industry - (d) - As of this time, the dry cleaning industry is at its stagnation due to the following factors: shift in clothing preferences, lifestyle, environmental conditions for business advancements, consumer demands and trends. However, if dry cleaning businesses focus on changing their marketing strategies toward tailored households and targeting market segments with professionally styled fashions that need dry cleaning services, this industry will get back up its feet again.
    Energy drinks, sports drinks and vitamin-enhanced beverage industry - (c) - There is stiff competition with consumers becoming more price-conscious and ending up choosing substitute beverages, e.g., fruit juice, ...

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    The classification of ten industries according to the following: emerging, rapid-growth, mature/slow growth, stagnant/declining, high-velocity/turbulent or fragmented are provided.
    * 2 to 3 sentences justifying the classification. The solution is 632 words with 8 non-APA references.