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    Quality Systems for ‘One Size Fits All’ Across Diverse Industry

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    Can quality systems be approached as a 'one size fits all' across diverse industries? Oakland (2014, pp.243-245) describes the key elements of a QMS (processes, responsibilities etc.) as components that need to interact effectively and cannot be isolated or removed if the QMS is to function effectively.
    In this Key Concept Exercise, you will investigate the role that quality systems play in an organisation and why such systems should be externally assessed. Also, you will discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of having a diverse set of quality standards across different industries

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    Consider the quality systems within organizations must provide core measures in accuracy, efficiency and proficiency to effectively sever every stakeholder. In doing so, the product or service measures up to the proposed claim by the company on quality, value, as well as worth for the customer repeated business. Thus, in the following journals to include in the final research collaboration reflects a way to review other industries or processes utilizing quality control systems on pursuit for effective output. Keep in mind, the quality systems in most organization reflect different models in execution mechanism, however, the underlay purpose mission the same desired output.

    Basically, the objective is to identify the "one size fits all" only deals with similar industries processes or product / service to satisfying the customer. Case in point, the initial acknowledgement in technology products usually conducts similar quality control systems (the processes, responsibilities, default of faulty product, etc.) that limit overall diversity due to the product itself. While, in complex organizations, mostly, the one size fits all doesn't really apply, such as programming element or unique product at a higher price point (try and think in terms quality metrics more defined, intrinsic to successfully detect any default and/ or assigning appropriate processes and responsibilities, etc. )

    The below are sufficient starting points in further research to the equation on quality systems core components in measuring and analyzing ...

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    The review into quality control systems within different organizations and industries. 'One size fits all' across diverse industries are determined.