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    Project, Technology and Management

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    Formulate your individual evaluation, it should specify:

    1. Does the project serve as a good starting point to their planned change?
    2. Identify its weaknesses and strengths and explain why you identify them as such. Whenever possible, propose suggestions for improvements.
    3. Identify potential opponents of the project in the authors' organisation. Propose a strategy to minimise their concerns.
    4. Express your opinion on the assigned project's quality, strengths and weakness.
    5. Propose a series of recommendations to increase its quality. At least one of them must address resistance to change.

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    Formulate your individual evaluation, it should specify:

    1. Does the project serve as a good starting point to their planned change?

    In reference to the proposed strategic changes at the organization, its attempt to expand internationally is predicated upon ensuring that it reforms its core business approach in particular markets such as their European Market. The justification for this change is placated upon the economic crisis and the impact that it has had on European businesses since 2008. The reason that these European businesses have suffered immensely while other markets in Southwest Asia and Southern Africa have been less affected is because of the small business organizational culture that exists in Western and Central Europe. These small and medium-sized businesses require a different strategic approach, which is why NLMC is attempting to strategically change how it operates in this region.

    Complexity is a main deterrent to applying one-size-fits all approach in business, and European clientele have the most complex business model for the company to address. Because NLMC can't adhere to each diverse European industry's specific needs and requirements by using their limited resources and experts, the NLMC staff has decided to diversify its use of staff and resources to ensure flexibility when assisting their European clientele. To ensure that systems implemented by NLMC achieve the proper implementation into European businesses, NLMC's European projects have required training to be used as an integral role in assisting the project's success. If European staff that works for NLMC is trained efficiently, they can use their intimate knowledge of the specific needs and business culture associated with small businesses in Western and Central Europe to ensure that NLMC systems are tailored made for their company's individual business needs.

    This requires competency training on behalf of NLMC's European staff ...

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