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Computer System Implementation - Project Cost Management

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Discuss why many information technology professionals have a poor attitude toward project cost management and how this attitude might affect the poor track record for completing projects within budget.(about 350 words)

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(O'Brian & Marakas, 2008) define project management as "managing the accomplishment of an information system development project according to a specific project plan, in order that a project is completed on time and within its budget and meats its design objectives" (pg. 528). The phases of project management will be given next and an explanation of why information technology professionals have a poor attitude toward project cost management will be given. A possible explanation why information technology professionals might have a poor record for completing a project within budget will also be given.

Five Phases of Project Management

The five phases of project management are "Initiating/Defining, "Planning", "Executing", ...

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Project Cost Management and how Information Technology encompasses many of its properties.

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