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    Riordan Manufacturing: Transition from Design to Implementation

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    I need help again for part 3 of this project. Please help me with solutions/ideas for the following problem below:

    This week's assignment incorporates the transition from design to implementation. You may consider revising Sections 1 and 2 based upon faculty feedback. Prepare a 4-6 page paper that accomplishes the following:

    - Abstract

    - Describe the implementation stage for this project.

    - Include a discussion of the six major activities for the implementation stage as described within the text: (1) coding, (2) testing, (3) installation, (4) documentation, (5) training and (6) support. The discussion of these six activities should describe specifically how each activity would be planned for the individual project situation.

    - Discuss the benefits of using defined and repeatable processes for accomplishing these activities for the implementation stage.

    - Cite and discuss 3-4 references, in addition to the required readings, that are relevant to the assignment.

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    HR System for Riordan Manufacturing


    A project must have a detailed and well organized plan for its implementation stage to ensure an error-free execution. This paper describes the implementation stage for the HR system developed for Riordan Manufacturing Company. The implementation activities constitute coding, testing, installation, documentation, training and support. For testing, program and system testing are used. For documentation activity, program and system documentation are described. Pilot run strategy is used for training. Apart from this, benefits like cost effectiveness, time management and proper alignment are discussed.


    Implementation of a planned project forms a critical part of the overall plan. HR system developed for Riordan Manufacturing is aimed to deliver a well integrated and sophisticated HR information system. A cautious analysis of each stage is vital to ensure a proper execution of planned HR system for the manufacturing organization (Wasson, 2005). There will be a discussion of implementation stage of HR system. Apart from this, benefits of using defined and repeatable processes for accomplishing the different activities of implementation will be also discussed.


    Implementation of HR system will involve mainly six stages. Each stage has some specific role in the accomplishment of project goals. These are as follow:

    Coding is an important part of implementation stage. It is vital to transform the design into a computer understandable language. For ensuring a workable system for the company, designed system will be converted into a programming language. This activity of implementation is also known as a program phase. For Riordan Manufacturing, program specifications of the HR system will be converted into computer instructions. These computer instructions will be known as program that will help the users to understand their specifications. In coding, defined procedures will be transformed into ...

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