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    Website Comparison and Virtual Organization Application

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    Research and select an e-business and an e-commerce website. Then, review attached Riordan Manufacturing attachment. In particular, note their manufacturing capability, their primary customers, and their mission and vision statements. Using the information gathered from the two selected websites and your review of Riordan Manufacturing, prepare a 1,050-1,100-word paper in which you:
    a. Compare and contrast all three of the selected websites and the components that make them effective or ineffective.
    b. Apply the principles of e-business and e-commerce to Riordan Manufacturing. In particular discuss the following:
    1)The impact of e-business on Riordan Manufacturing
    2)Advantages and obstacles that may impact the supply chain
    3)E-customer requirements (demands and expectations)
    4)Potential return on investment
    5)Risk management (legal, ethical, cultural, and security)
    6)Based on your readings and research, make recommendations for Riordan Manufacturing's current operations.
    The paper must include reference to at least 3 scholarly sources.

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    //Before writing about the comparison between the three websites, we will select an e-business and an e-commerce organization. Then, we will write about the comparison of the selected organizations with the Riordan Manufacturing. We will also discuss about the similarities among the three organizations. So, firstly, we will write about the company Comtech.//


    For this paper, I have selected Comtech d.o.o as an e-business website, Amazon.com as an e-commerce website and drawn the comparison of both the websites with Riordan Manufacturing. Apart from this, the paper also deals with the impact of e-business on Riordan Manufacturing, factors that have an impact on the supply chain, demands of the E-customer and risk management. Last but not the least, the paper also provides recommendations for the current operations of Riordan Manufacturing.

    Comparison and contrast between the three websites

    The company Comtech was founded by Boris Nose and deals with e-business and e-documenting in management, processing & archiving. For developing its own solution, the company is incurring a huge investment for electronic document management. It assists the clients in managing and positioning paper documentation archives. Thus, it deals basically in the activities of software provider and consultation. With the help of a various foreign companies, Comtech offers a variety of solutions. Since company provides the know-how therefore, it operates under the activity of high added value (Comtech d.o.o, 2008).

    The main aim of the Comtech Company is to acquire superior reputation and faith among the clients along with developing long term partnership with them. Comtech operates in a fast growing market with high added value service. The strategy followed by Comtech is differentiation strategy and niche market strategy. With this strategy, the company aims to establish quality, flexibility and adaptability towards the particular clients. In order to maintain its clients and attract the new ones, the company focuses on establishing mutual trust. As the company deals in an e-business activity, therefore it makes the use of a collective digital business infrastructure along with the digital technology for production. Apart from this, it uses a complicated operation model and an e-business based management model comprising of business teams.

    //Above, we discussed about the Comtech Company. Now, we will discuss about the Amazon Company belonging to e-commerce industry. Then, we will discuss about the Riordan Manufacturing. The discussion will assist ...

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