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Advantages and Disadvantages of Educational Technology

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The term "educational technology"covers a wide range of tools and methods exploiting computers, networks and media for delivering knowledge. Compare virtual classes with at least two other delivery methods (TV-based courses, on-site company training, using manuals and textbooks individually, etc.)

Discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

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Virtual classes: Virtual classes cover a wide range of technology tools and practices to deliver knowledge to the students (Hirko & Ross, 2004). These classes can be categorized under indirect classes.

TV Based Courses: TV based course are delivered through the mode of TV to the people on different programs or topics (Dahlman, Zeng & Wang, 2007).

On-site Company Training: On-site Company training is delivered at workplace. This training method is also known as on-site training process. These training programs can be also categorized into face to face training programs (Landy & Conte, 2009).

There are various aspects on the basis of which, it is possible to compare virtual classes with TV based courses and on-site company training.

Resources: In virtual classes, library website is the main resource that is used by the students to search data regarding the training topic (Hirko & Ross, 2004). In contrast to this, in TV based training, TV is the resources that are followed by trainees.

Convenience: In terms of convenience, virtual classes and TV based training do not consider convenience of students. On the other hand, on-site training methods consider the convenience of students.

Communication Channels: In virtual training and TV based training methods, two-way communication is not interactive (Dahlman, Zeng & Wang, 2007). In contrast, in ...

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The solution discusses advantages and disadvantages of educational technology.

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