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    Louisiana and National Ed Technology Standards compared

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    This is my assignment:

    Using the ISTE Web site compare and contrast the National Education Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS for Teachers) with any set of standards listed by your state Louisiana by using a graphic organizer.

    I'm looking at 3rd through 5th grade Special Education students.

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    The attached document contains your solution. My computer does not want to open the necessary .pdf file to complete the graphic organizer, so you will need to complete that, but the directions and example is there for you to see.I have copied and pasted the solution here, but this tesxt box mangles charts, which the attachment will show properly.

    A graphic organizer is any device which helps organize your information - a chart, for this case, with one side listing the components of the NETS standards, and the other side listing the Louisiana standards. This makes comparing the two easier.

    The general NETS standards are listed on page: http://www.sd281.k12.id.us/curriculum/Subject%20Areas/inform%20lit%20committee/ilit/nets/netsstd.htm

    Grade 3 standard activities: http://www.sd281.k12.id.us/curriculum/Subject%20Areas/Info%20Lit/Grade%20Level%20Skills%20by%20NETS%20Std/IT%20Skills%20Gr%203.htm

    Grade 4 standard activities: http://www.sd281.k12.id.us/curriculum/Subject%20Areas/Info%20Lit/Grade%20Level%20Skills%20by%20NETS%20Std/IT%20Skills%20Gr%204.htm

    Grade 5 standard activities: http://www.sd281.k12.id.us/curriculum/Subject%20Areas/Info%20Lit/Grade%20Level%20Skills%20by%20NETS%20Std/IT%20Skills%20Gr%205.htm

    This page lists competencies for grades 3-5, and this one might be the one you'd want to use for comparison. http://www.sd281.k12.id.us/curriculum/Subject%20Areas/inform%20lit%20committee/ilit/nets/Profiles/gr_35_nets_profiles.htm

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    State and national educational technology education standards compared,with URL reference citations