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    License Questions & Healthcare

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    A) What are ways that health care laws or regulations affect your health care organization or a healthcare organization with which you are familiar?

    B) What are the pros and cons of current state-by-state licensure versus a national licensure that has been discussed for health care professionals?

    C. Select and describe a federal or state health care agency. What is the individual provider, organizational, and community effect of the agency you selected?

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    Ways health care laws affect health care organization:

    Health care laws like any other laws affect the way the targeted line of business operates. Regulation is a form of intervention that federal and state bodies implement to determine how business is carried out. Health care regulation attempts to generate outcomes which could occur or prevent outcomes which might occur if the government did not intervene. Health care is a critical to people and therefore government bodies have to intervene in order to protect the individuals. Field (2007) provides that regulation shapes all areas of health care in America and translates public policy into action. According to Addressing Regulatory (2006), the applicability of a law to an organization is dependent on size, whether it is a federal agency or whether it's publicly traded.

    Health care regulation affects our organization in many aspects such as the relationship between the health care professional and the patient whereby regulation provides that professional should act in the best interest of the patient. ...

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