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    Early Childhood Development - Outline

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    1. Age group: pre-k
    2. Identify and discuss the theories or philosophies that reflect how to envision the classroom and curriculum.
    3. Provide an overview of the concepts you will teach in each academic area (math)
    4. Provide two specific examples of activities that will demonstrate how you will teach these concepts in a way that is representative of the theories/philosophies you discussed referencing the National Association for the Education of Young Children Standards or your state standards (Louisiana).

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    The theory that will be used is predicated upon early learning in mathematics for children in pre-k classrooms. The premise of this theoretical framework is based upon delivering effective core instruction to all students in their early primary grades wherein a sound for mathematical understanding is fostered and students can be prevented from developing difficulties in math early in their academic life. This theoretical framework has been garnering interests from researchers within early childhood development and researchers who espouse to this framework envision introducing children to mathematical models beginning with three-dimensional ...

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    The expert examines early childhood development. Two specific examples of activities that will demonstrate how to teach the concepts are provided.