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Piaget's Theory of Learning

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Please provide an outline on Piaget's Theory of Learning. Also include a reference.

Explain Piaget's Theory of Learning and give three details about it along with three examples in which the theory/theorist correlates with your own personal style regarding Early Childhood Education.

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This posting helps with the following developmental theory, Piaget's Theory of Learning. It explains the theory and gives three details about the theory along with three examples of how the theory correlates with your own personal style of early childhood education. The explanation is given in 223 words with one reference.

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Piaget's' Stages of Cognitive Development (Theory of Learning):

Sensori-motor (Birth-2 years): sensation and movement development and discovery; child and environment (toy)
Pre-Operational (2-7 years): in the present moment; fantasy; no sense of time; touch activities
Concrete Operational (7-11 years): ask questions; abstract thinking
Formal Operational (11 years and up): deductive reasoning; several ...

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