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Elementary Health/Physical Education

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An idea for a classroom program to raise children's awareness of the importance of healthy life choices and the effects of poor health choices is suggested.

Inherited and environmental factors that might alter the normal course of child development are also discussed.

Suggestions on how can this be implemented in a classroom using technology are provided.

Powerpoint outline for classroom use is outlined.

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To illustrate health programs for both early and middle childhood, I think it's important to realize that most of the topics of health study are going to be similar, only middle childhood will be going more in-depth with the topics. First, some of the health issues:

Early Childhood Issues:
Dental Care (brushing teeth)
Healthy Food Choices/Nutrition (trying new foods, less junk food, etc.)
Staying Well (cover mouth, wash hands, etc.)
Sun Safety (sunscreen, time of day to avoid being out in the sun, etc.)
Feeling Safe (handling strangers, emergency numbers, etc.)
Bike Safety (crossing roads, road rules, wearing helmets)

Middle Childhood Additions:
Healthy Food Choices/Nutrition (food pyramid)
Exercise/Physical Activity
Substance Abuse Prevention

What inherited or environmental factors might change the normal course of child development?

Some inherited factors could include:
- Pregnant mothers' actions (drinking, drug use, diseases) can lead to a multitude of problems, including but not limited to: fetal alcohol syndrome, various birth defects, inherited diseases like AIDS).
- Inherited traits, such as obesity or predisposition towards addiction are still being researched, but may ...

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Health ed in elementary school is discussed.

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