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    Physical education, recess, equipment and movement in schools

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    Consider the past, present and future of elementary school recess, physical education, gyms and playgrounds. What changes have taken place and what more needs to could likely evolve?

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    Recess and Physical Education: When the School Has No Gym or Playground

    What if a school has no gym or playground? In the modern day with fancy playground equipment at many public schools, there are those in urban and charter schools that lack equipment and the question about the value of recess endures. Do students need swings and slides for a useful recess? ​

    According to teachers at Fox Hill Elementary School (Indianapolis, IN), Coach Tom's games make it easier to focus on classwork, especially when students get wiggly. In the PBS Newshour education piece, organized recess and time in the classroom is noted by April Brown. She reports, "The "brain breaks," along with organized games and physical activity at recess and in the class are part of the school's strategy to educate students holistically."

    There are group programs like Playworks and New Games that are ideal for a quick move break. The former is a nonprofit group, that is featured in low income communities and the later is a noncompetitive set of activities that was popular in the 1970s but can be used now and in the future. ​

    The U.S. Department of Health's Physical ...

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    The past, present and future of elementary school recess, physical education, gyms and playgrounds is discussed.