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The Economic Issues of Cutting/Keeping Recess & Obesity

National trends regarding the provision of recess for preschool and school-aged children. The present-day thinking on what is driving the current decision-making processes.

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Many school districts are implementing policies and mandates to get kids moving, which comes at a time when ironically school budgets have been reduced, teaching staff in the USA cut and after-school sports programs eliminated.

Through initiatives like the SPARK program (geared for the classroom teacher) help has been offered to teachers, who might otherwise be insecure and unprepared to help with student fitness. Recess has been withdrawn in many schools. Meanwhile, statistics continue to show an increase overweight and obese youth. Too few schools offer adequate fitness and life-skills training in the physical education classes and recess tends to be the only release from a potentially tension-filled school-day and busy childhood life. Yet, there is more and more pressure on schools and teachers to make the grade and get the high reading and math scores and unfortunately recess ...

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The value of recess in education is discussed.