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Importance of Physical Fitness for Children

School age children

What guidelines do you recommend to this group for achieving and maintaining physical fitness?

What is the long-term outlook for this group in terms of longevity and quality of life?

Physical activity is important in this age of technology where children sit most of the day at school, and then go home to play video games or use social media. If we do not provide physical education in the schools and allow for recess and other breaks, children will not feel the benefits of exercise, and may not bring these benefits into their adult lives. Inactivity can lead to many health problems. Obesity is on the rise in many developing nations, heart disease and diabetes 2 can also result from inactivity.

We want our children to be healthy throughout their lives, so teaching good practices early on may help them develop healthy practices throughout their entire lives.

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I believe that recess is important. Kids need to run around, or just have a break from academics. PE is becoming something that not all schools have funded in their educational plan. PTA can help, and I have worked with parents of school age children top provide Physical Education.

The guidelines are these:

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This discusses the guidelines I believe can make physical activity a part of each day. This is not just for physical fitness, but for mental fitness as well. Children need breaks, time to play freely, and also learn how to interact with other children while playing games. For children who wish to play alone, these activities are worthwhile as well as some children have a non competitive nature. Games that are not competitive should also be provided in Physical Education.