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Physical activity, fitness and nutrition for children

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Write an in-depth journal response reflecting on the content presented in the course, the knowledge you have gained, and your goals for future professional positions. In your reflection, be sure to address the following:

1. How has your knowledge of physical activity, physical fitness, nutrition, and safety for young children been affected during this class? Describe three new ideas/concepts you have learned so far that you feel have been the most valuable.
2. How do you see this class affecting you actions and decisions in your future role?
3. What additional areas related to health and wellness would you like to better understand? How will you further your learning of these topics?

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The expert examines physical activity, fitness and nutrition for children. Three new ideas/concepts which are the most valuable are described.

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Reflection Journal Response
This course has unlimited ideas and results on physical activities, physical fitness, nutrition, and safety for young children. During this course I have been illuminated with ideas and concepts that I had previously forgotten or never really had to implement. The fitness nutrition seems to change over time and based on trends and new discoveries in research. One example that comes to mind is the female species being instructed to ...

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