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    Defining good nutrition

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    A. How do you define good nutrition?
    b. What does it mean to eat a balanced diet?
    c. What are three of the main dangers associated with dieting?
    d. What are the top five things to consider when creating a safe and effective exercise program?
    e. What are five options for exercise other than belonging to a gym?
    f. What is the best way to lose weight? Offer at least one source to support your answer.
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    g. List five myths associated with diet and exercise and then explain why each myth is not true.
    h. How does the role of food choice and eating relate to the Six Dimensions of Wellness? Be sure to list each dimension & how each is affected (from Chapter 1)
    i. How does the role of activity and fitness relate to the Six Dimensions of Wellness? Be sure to list each dimension & how each is affected.
    j. What are the top five components of a sound fitness program, and what role does each component play in individual fitness?

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    a. good nutrition is eating right and drinking enough water to give your body what it needs to remain healthy.
    b. balanced diets are those that are nutritionally sound and do not contain too much more of one of the basic elements than another.
    c. eating too much, eating too little, eating to much of one kind of food.
    d.Doctor's approval, good equipment, safe place to do the exercise, not overdoing the exercise, proper hydration
    e. walking at a track, walking or jogging in your neighborhood, a dance or other class, playing a sport or other activity, exercising at home
    f. eat a balanced diet, especially of fruits and vegetables that are lower in calories, and exercising for at least 30 minutes per day. WEBMD.com has lots of this kind of information.
    g.1. have to eliminate all fats: the body needs some fats to continue to operate efficiently
    2. taking diet pills is safe: not for everyone and diet pills effect different people in different ways that can be dangerous
    3. you have to watch water intake to lose weight: opposite is true. you don't gain from water, it helps flush toxins and unused food from system.
    4. MSG is necessary for food preservation: this is not exactly true, there are other ways to ...

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