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    Diet and Exercise

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    1. How can you integrate diet and exercise changes into your life at this time? Be specific about the diet and lifestyle changes you can integrate into your life. (150 words)

    2. As you listen to the news or read the newspaper or weekly news publication this week, look for a story or article that pertains to nutrition. Briefly discuss the nutrition information and cite the news source. What interested you about the information and how does it relate to nutrition? (150 words)

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    1. The best way to integrate nutrition properly is to follow the food pyramid closely. Realizing that calories count is also a way to integrate good nutrition. One of the biggest mistakes is to eat all the right foods, but to consume too many for the amount of exercise a person does. So exercise becomes an important part of the program. If a person chooses to remain relatively sedentary, then the person must limit their caloric intake, even ...

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    A discussion on the diet and exercise changes that should be made in a student's daily log. Also a review of an article on nutrition benefits pumpkin is good for diet and health.