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Fitness Software: Marketing Strategy

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Begin a marketing plan for a software program that gives customer specific diet plans and workout plans dependent upon the customer's personal fitness information and fitness goals in the profile provided.
Please include the following:
The Name of the Software/Company
Reason for selection of this product: passionate about fitness and wellness
Mission statement of the selected company
Competition overview
References, a minimum of two not including the textbook

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Step 1
The name of the company is "BeFit". This name clearly and succinctly conveys what the company stands for.

Step 2
The reason for the selection of this product is that I have experience in developing software. In addition, I have great interest in fitness and wellness. Fitness combats diseases and health conditions, improves mood, and boosts energy. Proper diet improves heart health, bone and teeth strength, and brain health. My software will help control weight, keep blood pressure at normal levels, and prevent conditions ...

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Give a brief synopsis in your post regarding my final project topic. My final Project is a Fitness and Dieting Software for personally customizable fitness and dieting advice as per the individual's needs and goals. My Software Company is called "The BeFit". Explain the following:

•How will you research your product or service?
•What types of information will you ask for?
•Will you use data collected over a predetermined period of time or interviews conducted with your target customer base or potential customers?

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