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Marketing strategy for health and fitness club

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Can you help me develop a business plan for my new business? The part of the plan I need is

III. Marketing Strategy
1. Product/Service
2. Sales Strategy
3. Promotion
4. Pricing Strategy
5. Web Strategy
6. Differentiation (Competitive Advantage)

The product Is health and fitness club, I like the idea of diet supplements and protein shakes as an additional product. Can you build on this?

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This is an outline of a marketing strategy you might use. If you have any questions or need clarification, please ask. You can add, subtract, or change anything submitted.

III. Marketing Strategy
1. Product/Service
Health and fitness organization (club) offering diet supplements and protein shakes as well.
Our club will offer standard health and fitness club features including exercise equipment, weight equipment, classes, a walking/running track, ongoing health programs, along with a bar that has protein shakes and a small retail area carrying diet and health supplements.

2. Sales Strategy
Target markets are those who are concerned with health and fitness and people looking for a way to get fit and have fun at the same ...

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An outline of a marketing strategy for a health and fitness club using the criteria in the assignment.

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