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Marketing Fitness to Special Groups

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You are the marketing director for a fitness club in a town of your choice. Review the market segmentation concept, based on the local demographics and lifestyle (e.g., people who work at home, retirees) and identify three distinct market segments that you will target. Develop an annual promotion (e.g., pricing strategy, sales promotion, advertisements, and/or public relations) for each segment that you have identified. Be creative!

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To begin this project, choose a town or city with a population large enough to support a fitness club. Generally, a web search will reveal the needed demographics. For example, a simple web search using the city/town name and demographics (Springfield demographics) will result in the base information you will need. The search will generate information from a variety of sources. The sources may include census information, exact city demographics (i.e. break down of population, ethnicity, income levels, etc.) and realtor information. By looking at a few different sites all aspects of the community should be available. A secondary search of the yellow pages for the city/town will show if other fitness clubs already exist. More importantly, the links to existing facilities will show what programs are already in place and the current pricing. As a marketing director you will want to provide unique services at prices that will appeal to a large market share.

The assignment requires choosing three market segments. Look at the information gathered. Is this a working community? Is the population mostly retirees? What is the community need? Knowing the age and work status of the population will give insight to the potential market available. A predominately young population will have different interests than a middle-aged or retirees ...

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Physical fitness is desirable by all. Marketing strategies to target specific segments of the population will increase market share. This document discusses potential avenues for performing research to access greater market share while providing an essential community service. In addition, ideas for developing marketing plans is discussed.

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