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    Health Counseling

    Health counselling is when an individual or group is counselled by a professional in the area of mental, emotional or physical health.

    Most universities, hospitals, and many corporations offer health and wellness services and counselling. For example, Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, offers services in Counselling, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Sexual Health. They offer health clinics and provide access to vaccinations as well. They also provide online support for sleep, nutrition, internet usage, and guidance to achieve an overall health and wellness balance.

    Many hospitals offer mental health services like Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) in Kingston, Ontario.  HDH offers mental health counselling in Emergency Psychiatry, has an Eating Disorder Clinic for those 18 years and older, and a Detoxification Centre as well, for those in a crisis, awaiting entry into a treatment program, or fearing a relapse. HDH also offers pastor care counselling to address the spiritual/emotional health of patients.

    Corporate health and wellness programs often include a look at overall employee health through such methods as blood testing, calculating body mass index, and taking blood pressure. A look at preventative health options, ergonomics, and personal methods of dealing with stress are other areas these programs address as well. Corporate wellness programs also usually include health challenges for the employees, like walking competitions over an extended period of time, sporting competitions, or employee discounts to local gyms.



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