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health care benefits after the implementation of health care reform

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Describe what you believe will occur with health care benefits after the implementation of health care reform.

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Reforms in the health care system that was passed this year simply brought significant changes especially to health insurance as well as health care providers. As of Sept. 23, 2010, some important features of the prospective reforms have taken into effect as approved law (DR, 2010). Since the reforms have greatly impacted the insurance systems (which played a big part in this issue on health care), I would like to give much emphasis on it. But just send me a message in case you have a problem with this. With the new health care law, US citizens may enjoy the following provisions.
1. Insurance coverage to children with pre-existing conditions is now possible. This is simply great as children under the age of 19 can now avail insurance regardless whether they have pre-existing health conditions (DR, 2010). Surely this is will be a big help to each family especially to those with an average income to shoulder the costs of health issues in the family.
2. Another good thing about the new law of health care reforms is the ...

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The health care benefits after the implementation of health care reform are presented.

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