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Teamwork principles in health care delivery

This solution employs teamwork principles to the areas of health care delivery or health education. It also addresses the importance of goal setting and strategic planning.

You have been appointed to head the local division of a health care management organization. Why might it be beneficial to set goals within your division? Why might strategic planning increase the productivity of your team?


You will be expected to provide a scholarly basis for your response.

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As you formulate your research, one article shows how strategic planning in health care is beneficial. It is located at:

Balicer, R. D., Shadmi, E., Lieberman, N., Greenberg-Dotan, S., Goldfracht, M., Jana, L., & ... Jacobson, O. (2011). Reducing Health Disparities: Strategy Planning and Implementation in Israel's Largest Health Care Organization. Health Services Research, 46(4), 1281-1299.

The authors emphasize how one way to apply strategic planning in health care management is use it to ensure and equalize health care for all patients, thus removing ethnic or ...

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