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    Different healthcare delivery systems

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    1) Examine the similarities and differences between the various health care delivery systems. Be sure to also include:

    (a) A definition/description of the various types of delivery systems.

    (b) The goals/philosophies of the various delivery systems.

    (c) Write a section to include your own mission/philosophy statement. Explain your statement and why it was chosen.

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    Managed Care-
    Most dominant health care delivery in US
    Financed by employers and government
    Functions like an insurance company
    Includes list of covered services and selected providers
    Employs mechanisms to control (manage) utilization of medical services
    Predetermines price of services and amount providers receive

    Vulnerable Populations-
    Poor, uninsured, minorities, immigrants who receive care from "safety net" providers
    Many forego care and seek emergency services instead
    Medicaid, the primary financial source ...

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    Similarities and differences between the various health care delivery systems