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    This assignment provides documentation of student ability to meet the following course outcomes.

    CO 1: Distinguish selected factors affecting U.S. healthcare delivery systems and organizations (PO #9).

    CO 2: Examine factors affecting healthcare finance and payment systems (PO #9).

    CO 6: Evaluate selected healthcare policy models and frameworks (PO #9).

    CO 9: Formulate strategies for coalition building and health advocacy (PO #2).

    CO 10: Synthesize selected policy analyses affecting advanced practice nursing (PO #2).

    The following are best practices for preparing this project report.
    1. When introducing the interview, be sure to identify appropriate background information regarding the interview process (who, what, where, when, and why).
    2. When describing the policy issue, be sure to identify appropriate details gleaned from the policy issue interview.
    3. When presenting the policy analysis, be sure to fully address each step of the eightfold pathway.

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    CO 1: Distinguish selected factors affecting U.S. healthcare delivery systems and organizations (PO #9).

    The factors that impact the U.S. healthcare delivery systems and healthcare organizations include the different insurance plans, healthcare consumers, as well as clinicians, hospitals, and healthcare organizations that represent the convoluted healthcare network throughout America. These factors are influenced by the different public and private healthcare sectors that create for-profit and non-profit healthcare delivery systems. In addition, healthcare delivery in both private and public sectors are heavily affected by regualtions that emanate from governmental legislation as well as industry regulators. All of the aforementioned variables represent the healthcare delivery system, but it's important to note that this system doesn't ascribe to any degree of order, and there is a lack of communication and integration within the U.S. healthcare delivery system that emanates from the limited communication and collobaration that is endemic within the healthcare system as a result of the lack of concentrated systems planning among these disparate healthcare entities.

    This is further highlighted by the impact that state health departments have on healthcare delivery wherein healthcare providers must adhere to regulations set forth by these departments to enter any healthcare market in any state. These departments are responsible for significantly influencing healthcare delivery because of their ability to impact how healthcare providers obtain desired healthcare technology that can assist in the improved performance of providers but are too costly for state budgets, if the hospital is in the public sector.


    CO 2: Examine factors affecting healthcare finance and payment systems (PO #9).

    There are a myriad of factors that affect healthcare finance and payment systems in the U.S., and these include the healthcare "payer mix" wherein government payments that result from Medicare and Medicaid, payments from health insuarnce companies, and payments from patients individually all impact healthcare finance. Because Medicare and Medicaid only pay 80% of payments, healthcare organizations that rely too heavily upon this payment will risk not ...

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    The expert distinguishes selected factors affecting United States healthcare delivery systems and organizations. The factors affecting healthcare finance and payment systems are examined.