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    In your own words discuss Export Management Company (EMC). As you know, the EMC operates as the foreign sales arm of the exporting company with personnel who know the best channels of distribution. What are the issues?

    What is country risk analysis? How is this analysis conducted? Is country risk analysis an effective tool in determining the desirability of establishing a manufacturing site or other mode of entry?

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    // There are two parts in this query in which, the first part is concerned with 'Export Management' and the second part is related with the 'Country Risk Analysis'. In order to fulfill this query, you should be aware of EMC & Country risk analysis. I am going to assist you on these points, which would assist you to write your query and enhance your knowledge. See the text below: //

    Export Management Company (EMC)

    As the whole world is witnessing globalization up to a significant level, the present era can be considered as the era of globalization and it is converting the whole world into a global village. Globalization is quite beneficial for the companies, which seek to expand their business at the international level. It has also increased their market coverage area and target customers. Distribution is one of the most difficult areas for the companies operating at international level because in some countries, it is very hard to penetrate the market.

    An EMC or Export Management Company is a firm, which operates as the foreign sales arm of the exporting company. In some countries, EMCs and manufacturers get into a contract and EMC manages their entire export activities. An EMC offers extensive services, which cover promotions, shipping arrangement, documentations, etc. to the exporting firms. Many non-experienced exporting firms and even sophisticated exporting firms also consider EMCs for certain foreign market or products. EMC is a good option for the firms looking for new markets, for accelerating their business growth (Joyner, 2009).

    Export management companies hold close contacts with their ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1019 words with references.