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    Impact of Globalization to US Firms

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    You are a US business, please summarize the impacts of globalization to US firms. Please give examples where globalization has helped and also has hurt US business. Think along the lines of expanded markets, impact on wages, and new technology.

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    // Before writing about impact of Globalization on the United States Firms, we have to first of all, understand precise meaning of 'globalization'. We should have to understand that it is defense mechanism and a catalyst for global operations. So, we will first of all write about the Globalization under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


    Globalization is a very popular word these days. It can be defined as a shift from local and regional things to global ones. In simpler terms, it is an increasing movement of capital, goods and services to the borders of other nations. Moreover, it is a defense mechanism and a catalyst for global movements.

    //Above, we discussed about Globalization, which is mainly a shift from local boundaries to the global ones. Now, moving to the next part of instruction, we will discuss about the impact of Globalization on the US firms and how it has brought many ...

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