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Globalization is Good for America

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Can you please help me explain why globalization is good for the United States?

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Globalization is good for the United States because it provides a much wider variety of products and services to the consumers in the US. Further, the consumers get the products they need at more competitive prices. Similarly, US companies require inputs for several products. Globalization enables these companies to get these inputs at the most favorable prices. For example, a car maker in the US requires leather seats. The car maker gets these seats at very competitive prices from Mexico. Similarly, globalization provides US companies access to a wide market. For example, Apple Inc. sells its iPhones all over the world. Similarly, Dell is seeking to sell its computers worldwide. This means faster growth and greater profitability for US companies. Globalization has also provided US investors with excellent opportunities for investing abroad. The investors get a wider choice and can invest in relatively attractive investments. The result is that returns to the US investors increase. One of the advantages ...

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The answer to this problem explains the benefits and advantages of globalization for USA. The references related to the answer are also included.

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