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    Regional trading blocs and globalization

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    3. What are regional trading blocs? What are the three largest regional trading blocs? What countries are members of each bloc? What are differences and similarities among these three regional trading blocs?

    4. What is globalization? How does it impact international business? What are important aspects of globalization? In emerging markets and developing nations, what are some of the rising nationalist tendencies toward globalization that are becoming evident? Globalization has both positive and negative effects. What are four unpopular issues with globalization for Americans? You must provide examples to support your answer.

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    3. Regional trading blocs are trade agreements set up within a geographical region to help alleviate tariffs between the nations and foster growth of trade within the countries with membership. The four largest are the MERCOSUR of South America, the ASEAN of the Pacific Rim area, the European Union of Europe, and NAFTA between countries of the North American continent. Each of these has member states that participate in lowering barriers for trade such as transportation tariffs, working together on safety of products that cross borders, and supplying each other with ...

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