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    Helms and Chula - how do they relate?

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    Read the chapter "Why They Hate Us" in Amy Chua's book World on Fire. Briefly relate Chua's main theme(s) to Helm's themes. Then suggest any remedies (solutions) to the problems highlighted.

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    Amy Chua

    Why they hate us?

    1. ESSENTIALLY BECAUSE America is dominant at the global level






    2. HOWEVER, though the level of anti-American sentiment is prevalent,
    its intensity and the response of local people varies from country to country

    Intensity Nations Why? What? So what?

    Low UK, Canada, Australia, NZ Why? Historical connections
    cultural affinities, high standards
    of living, thus anti-feelings are
    blunted (p. 240)

    What? Some good-natured anti
    criticism. Unlikely to be political issue, or anti policies (p. 240)

    So What? Countries tend to ally
    with America at international level

    Modest Continental Europe Why? Threat to indigenous
    cultures and national identities
    (p. 241). France, for example.
    European nations tend toward
    "social welfare" but U.S. is very
    model of "free market" capitalism
    (p. 243).

    What? Cultural elites resist idea of
    a unipolar world (hyperpower).
    Seek to put a "check" on invasion
    of American culture.

    So What? To compete with US,
    Greater European unity, EU, Euro
    (p. 244)

    Strong Developing Nations Why? Economic globalization has
    not generated new opportunities
    and hopes for those in developing
    nations, but has further exploited
    their resources.
    Techno globalization reveals ...

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    Helm's article on socially responsible advertising and Chula's article on why other nations hate America are examined for related themes. Chula's thesis is defined, and her points are discussed in light of Helm's principles of socially conscious advertising as possible mediators for the dislike other peoples and nations feel for America.