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International trade, procedures and documentation encountered

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When taking part in an international trade transaction, what types of procedures and documentation can one expect to encounter? Should government programs used to help finance exports be permissible?

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International Trade:

International trade is the exchange of goods and services among countries globally. The type of procedures and documentation involved in the transactions of the international trade varies depending on the kind of business a trader or an organization is involved with. These documentations include: Airway bills; this is a document that contains the details of goods that have been received and are to be transported through the air. In this bill both the trader and the shipping company ensure that the goods have been described appropriately, insured and well transported to its destination (Export Finance, 2011).

Bills of Lading (B/L); this is a document given to a trader by the shipping company that is responsible for transporting the goods from one destination to another. The parties involved in the bill of lading include the shipping company, the person responsible of taking the delivery of good (consignee), the trader and the carrier. Certificate of origin; this is a document that is given by the Chambers of Commerce that is used by the custom authority to impose import duty the document specifies the name of ...

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The procedures and documentations encountered in international trade are examined.