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Employment and Labor Law Influences

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1- Describe and analyze employment a labor law influences as the (fictional) Construction Company grows domestically and internationally. Used for information as we develop the company.

2- Describe and analyze essential economic and legal factors for the company's horizontal construction.

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Employment and labor law influences as the Construction Company grows domestically and internationally

As the company grows domestically and internationally, hiring additional employees may be a necessity. This is to cope with additional tasks that must be performed as a result of operational expansion. Another option is to train existing employees for additional functions that they may perform. Those who can qualify may be assigned to jobs in the new international marketing or production outlet of the company.

Among the relevant employment and labor laws and issues that have to be taken into account are the following:

1. Americans With Disabilities Act (in the case of US). This law prohibits employers from discriminating individuals with physical or mental disabilities or the chronically ill; also requires employers to reasonably accommodate these individuals (Robbins and Coulter, 2002). These types of individuals may be encountered as the company recruits additional employees.

2. Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Forbids discrimination in all areas of employer-employee ...

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The expert describes and analyzes how the employment labor laws influence the fictional Construction Company to grow domestically and internationally.

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