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    Describe, discuss, and analyze the four factors listed below:
    1. Macroeconomic factors that influence the operations of the company
    2. Microeconomic considerations relative to the company
    3. Legal considerations relative to equipment leases and e-contracts
    4. Employment and labor law influences as the company grows both domestically and internationally

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    // Micro and Macro factors both are important areas of concern for the business organization as both factors directly influence the company's growth, performance and competitiveness. In this section of the paper, we will discuss macroeconomic factors that influence the company's operations. Along with, microeconomic considerations have also been depicted in this. A thorough study of this section provides a good knowledge of micro and macro factors that influence a company.//

    Macroeconomic Factors

    The operations of the company are greatly influenced by the macroeconomic factors as these factors are concerned with the whole economy and basic sub aggregates, like government policies, political system, production, economic conditions and so on. Macroeconomics reflects the current market conditions and thus, the knowledge of macroeconomic factors help to identify factors and evaluate their influence on the business. There are various macroeconomic factors that affect operations of the company.

    Inflation: This is one of the macroeconomic factors that influence the operations of a company. Any changes in the inflation (i.e. increases or decreases) will affect the product and service prices, and ultimately the cost of production. Likewise, an increase in inflation rate will raise the product prices along with the wage rate of employees. This will in turn, increase the production cost for the company.

    Economic Growth: The operations of the company are greatly affected by a country's economic growth/prospects. As such, the demand of a product and service offered by the company is directly based on the economic growth or GDP growth in terms of changes in income level, raw material prices, and natural tragedies. The reduction in the GDP rate will decline the demand for the company's product or service (Fernando, 2011). As a result, the company will suffer lower revenue and profit growth.

    Interest Rate: This is another macroeconomic factor, which will largely influence the business. An increment or decrement in the interest rate induces higher interest expenditure for the company and individuals as a whole. The company needs to pay off higher interest ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1336 words with references.