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    The Three Facets Of Economics

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    Part 1:
    How can Personal Economics, Consumer Economics, and Social Economics be introduced to students at an elementary level? I also need an example of a classroom activity/lesson that could be used to introduce each facet.

    Part 2:
    How can the above be related to the other social sciences? I also need some specific examples for each area.

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    Personal economics can be introduced to students at the elementary level, by making children aware of the importance of only consuming what they need in respect to food and other products, and seeking not to waste anything that they have. They can also be taught that they can manage themselves by prioritizing their activities in the classroom and at home, and spending as little time as possible on wasteful or detrimental activities as possible in order to make the most economic and efficient use of your time as well. A classroom activity that can be used to introduce personal economics to elementary level children ...

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    This solution discusses the three facets of economics.