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Management Communication: Defining a Challenge

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"Defining the challenge is often the hardest task facing a manager. Only effective analysis can help you reach this point...However, unlike production, marketing, managerial economics, or accounting, communication doesn't have a number at the bottom. Consequently, its results are hard to measure. Moreover, as technology provides faster and more various means of communication, managers must develop better communication instincts....you must listen to your only real judge - your audience." What problems, in your opinion, exist with these statements? Explain your position. What opportunities, in your opinion, are presented within these statements? Explain your position.

Please include references.

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First, as you briefly identify what problems, in your opinion, exist with these statements, I feel that communication is more qualitative and subjective than it is quantitative, which makes it both ambiguous and difficult to ...

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Communication elements are emphasized in the solution. It discusses defining a challenge and technology as a means of communication.

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