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    The Five Functions of Management

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    I have a project due about the five basic functions of management and how they are used for internal analysis. I just need 200-300 words to get started.

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    The five functions of management are: planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating and controlling. The breakdown of these functions could be described in the following way: 1) developing plans and defining goals and objectives which allows the organization to run smoothly; 2) organization, which is defining the organizational structure to allow a seamless integration of functions and corporate goals that are effective and efficient and will lead to overall success of the company. Part of which, motivation plays a significant role; 3) staffing involves making sure the right person is put in the right job, a function that must be in place in order for the organization to reach its objectives; 4) coordinating involves leadership being proactive in its efforts to keep the organization on the path to success. In its coordination ...

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    This post is a explanation of the five functions of management. It also contrasts these managerial functions with the organization's internal analysis. It comprises over 400 words of text and a chart comparing the components of internal analysis with the corresponding managerial function.