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    The Five Domains of Practice

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    Articulate how an assisted living facility and its development and operations utilizing the Five Domains of Practice: Organizational Management, Personnel Management, Financial Management, Environmental Management, and Resident Care Management.

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    An assisted living facility utilizes the five domains of practice in its development and operations, by implementing these domains in the most efficient and effective manner possible, which results in its ability to facilitate the effective carrying out of the facility's daily operations. An assisted living facility utilizes organizational management, by effectively planning the methodology by which the organization will achieve its aim of effectively assisting senior citizens with their day-to-day living activities, in a coordinated and cohesive fashion. This planning will be inclusive of all of the aspects of the assisted living paradigm, which will include the basic aspects of providing assisted-living services, as well as the most technical aspects of this process. This planning would also be proactive in nature, so that problems that could be foreseen as possibly occurring, can be planned for in advance, which will make facility leadership and staff much more effective in handling these situations. This planning would also take into account the need ...