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    Communication and the Impacts Of Organizational Communications

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    1. Explain the five levels and five functions of organizational communications for a company.

    2. Relate the functioning of the various styles of communications styles and their relationship to a company and maybe even the company from number one to keep the sample consistent.

    3. Examine the scope and application of nonverbal communications in a work environment.

    4. Discern the differences between the denotative and connotative meanings of words in a job or within the company.

    5. Categorize different group leadership roles and their associated styles of communication at a company: the same company above for the example.

    6. Appraise the effectiveness of varying techniques of communication in conflict resolution at a company.

    7. Examine the function and importance of communication on a virtual team.

    8. Explore the technology of organizational communication and recommend one medium for one specific type of message.

    9. Analyze the role of prejudgments, stereotyping, and diversity at a company.

    10. Examine managerial responsibility in determining organizational values.

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    1. Explain the five levels and five functions of organizational communications for a company.

    Administrative management emphasizes the flow of information in the operation of the organization and emphasizes the manager and the functions of management. Henri Fayol (1841--1925) was known as the Father of Modern Management and was a French ...

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    This solution explains the five levels and functions of organizational communications, provides links to relate styles of communications to company relationship, looks at the scope and application of communications and looks at how communication can be effective on every tier of the company's structure. Many other topics are addressed with full references and explanations.