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Intended Audience for Technical Communication

In order for technical communication to be effective, the writer must evaluate the intended audience, its characteristics, knowledge base, expectations, and requirements.

Audience recognition
Terms for different audience levels
Issues of diversity
Issues of sexist language
Explain how these audience characteristics will impact your technical writing process as well as how you will adapt a technical writing style for your audience.

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When discussion technical communication the main challenge is that complicated information must be conveyed in a manner that is understood by multiple audiences. Effective communications require quality content, language, format, and more. The entire point of communications is to disseminate information; this is where written content comes in. To present the appropriate content, it is imperative to understand one's audience and writing purpose. If a document does not communicate the information that the writer intends and what he or she wants the reader to understand, then the communication is meaningless. The writer has a self-interest in making the extra effort: Looking credible is as important as being credible and getting results in business. Respect and credibility of the writer/speaker are integral to effective communications. Readers will not trust the information from an author if they do not believe that author is a valuable source of information or the purveyor of ...

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This solution discusses the intended audience for technical communication.