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    Effective Communication:

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    With this assignment it will represent a research paper.

    The Importance of Feedback for Effective Communication | write a short research proposal for a research paper.

    In your proposal, be sure to include the following:

    Your purpose in writing the paper
    Your reason for choosing your particular topic: Why does it interest you?
    Your intended audience
    Your position as the writer
    Your preliminary thesis
    Transmit the proposal to your mentor.

    When you are ready to submit your assignment, click the View/Complete Assignment link at the bottom of this page, and then use the Browse button to locate and submit your assignment file. Consult the course Calendar for the assignment's due date.

    Please note the following in preparing assignments:

    Input the assignments double-spaced.
    The Works Cited page should list a minimum of 5 sources.

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    Importance of Feedback for Effective Communication:

    Your purpose in writing the paper

    The purpose in writing the paper is to evaluate how important feedback if for effective communication. I have experienced in my work life that communication is not very effective. What the supervisor says is misunderstood by the workers. What the top management communicates is usually not understood by rank and file. Attempts at communication by the top management often lead to a situation where dysfunctional rumors commence(2). In an organization such lack of understanding between the top management and workers leads to low motivation and poor productivity. As effective communication is very important for a successful and robust organization, and feedback plays a critical role in communication, I have chosen to write this topic.

    Your reason for choosing your particular topic: Why does it interest you?

    The reason for selecting Importance of Feedback for Effective Communication is that I realized during my work life that receiving and giving feedback substantially improved communication. On the very basic level feedback refers to the reactions about the service a firm provides, the performance of a person, and the quality of work done, given with the intention to improve the service, performance, and work. From the system's perspective it is the process in which a part of the output of a system is returned to its input to affect its further output. This topic interests me because in my opinion feedback makes communication very effective(1). Communication refers to giving or exchanging of information. It is the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings but communication is not easy and leads partial communication and even miscommunication. It is feedback that makes communication accurate.

    Feedback ensures that what the sender communicated actually reaches the person. I am especially interested in communication because as a production engineer, I receive communications from my superiors, which I need to understand. At the same time I need to communicate with the employees that report to me. If there is miscommunication or even partial communication, the results can be ...

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