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    This post addresses business communication issues.

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    Chapter 2 in book Supervision 11 edition ISBN# 9780324590920

    1. What is meant by effective communication?

    a. Why is mutual understanding at the heart of any definition of effective communication?

    2. With respect to the management problem of motivating subordinates to accomplish organizational goal, what conclusions can you draw from reading the material in this chapter?

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    1. Effective communication refers to the process that is used when each person involved on the same team or in the same conversing group of individuals both sends and receives effective messages through the skills of active listening. By utilizing active listening in the process, the messages are more likely to be received as they were intended, with less variables at issue that typically hamper the communication process, including misinterpretations by the receiver.

    a. Due to the potential number of ...

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    This solution provides a detailed discussion for each communication question presented from Chapter 2 in the book "Supervision." Effective communication, mutual understanding when defining effective communication, and motivation of subordinates are discussed.

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