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Strategic Management

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In a new company discuss in scholarly detail what forms of communication about the strategic management process would be helpful to the employees in your organization prior to beginning the process?

440 words plus references

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The response addresses the queries posted in 440 words with references.

//In this paper, we will discuss about the communication process being followed in an organization. The paper will also explain the various forms of communication in an organization. We will also include strategic management process, and the communication forms that are helpful for the employees of a new organization while starting the strategic management process. //

Communication is an important process of exchanging information from one person to another. It plays an important role in every organization as it helps the top management and employees in interacting with each other. There are various forms of communication in an organization, such as newsletters, business letters, memos, notices, speeches, agenda, mission statements, news reports, special announcements, ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 440 words with references.

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