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    A Critical Analysis of a Communications Problem

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    For this commentary, you must research business and political articles found in daily periodicals such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or Washington Post.


    This is your opportunity to demonstrate your skill in assessing a communications problem and offering a reasoned course of action. The purpose of this assignment is to identify and then comment on articles found in newspapers that in some substantial way touch on strategic communications issues. These can be questions faced by businesses or public officials or public sector groups.

    The article you select needs to address any of the following:
    - A marketing problem faced by a consumer goods company.
    - A political problem faced by a candidate.
    - A public relations challenge faced by a nonprofit or association.

    Your commentary should be a critical analysis (Succinct, insightful criticism is the goal). Try to include the following:
    1. A brief summary of the actors and events.
    2. A statement of the communication issue in question.
    3. A discussion of the options for rehabilitative action.
    4. Your opinion, overall assessment, and if applicable, recommendation.

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    // As per the requirement of the paper, a Business Week article explaining about failure leads to success is being commented upon in terms of its communication strategy of the article//

    The article is selected from Business Week addressing the marketing problem of a consumer goods industry, Coke. The marketing problem taken is related to the area of marketing research which led to wrong marketing and product decision by the company in the year 1985. After performing market research, the company decided to introduce a new Coke. Primarily, it was reckoned rational, ...

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    This solution is comprised of a response of 370+ words and addresses a marketing problem from an article taken from Business Week. The strong and weak points of this article are addressed.